The Earls of Mars

by The Earls of Mars

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Jacob Johnson
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Jacob Johnson What a PERFECT record! Such a hard decision to pick a favorite track. Everything from heavy and powerful to somber and smokey, the array of sounds and moods on this record are astounding. 10/10 buy this record! Favorite track: The Last Glass Eye-Maker.
Toby Van de Velde
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Toby Van de Velde This is music that I can believe in.
Alex Matheson
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Alex Matheson Awesomely progressive mix of styles that tends more toward the avant garde. Was blown away when I first heard The Astronomer Pig and the rest of the album is just as good. Really excellent stuff. Favorite track: The Astronomer Pig.
Karlos Violenz
Karlos Violenz thumbnail
Karlos Violenz Because I love all the music things from Harry Armstrong - End Of Level Boss, Hangnail and even the old death metal stuff :) . Very cool musician, with his own style to make music. Great !!! Favorite track: The Mirrored Staircase.
  • The Earls of Mars CD Album
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    The Earls of Mars debut album released October 28th 2013 on Candlelight Records. 8 page booklet, disc and tray contain previously unseen artwork by Jan Stephens, along with all lyrics.
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    Track listing: Poor Whores' Petition / The Swinger / The Astronomer Pig / Cornelius Itchybah / Otto The Magnificent / The Ballad Of Ben Ayre / The Last Glass Eye-Maker / Some Place / The Mirrored Staircase / Mr Osbornes' Hazelnuts.

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released October 28, 2013


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Track Name: Poor Whores' Petition
What You Gawpin’ At?
I Been Naked My Whole Life
To Dare To Answer Your Cries
La Illustria Decorating The Streetlight
Tell Me Lies, I Will Smile, I won’t know

I Am Sanctified In The Practice of Delight
And You’re Calling Me Whore

What You Gawpin’ At?
Stick Your Scorn Where The Sun Don’t Shine
You Dare To Question My Kind
I Seen You Deride
In The Court of Aphrodite
Erudite I Chastise I Won’t Go

I Am Sanctified In The Practice Of Delight
La Illustria Decorating The Street Light
Tell Me Lies Come To My Delectatable Joyride

You Jeer And You Caw And You Live To Make War And You’re Standing There Calling Me Whore
Track Name: The Swinger
The Swinger He Swang And He Swung
Come Watch His Dance
Just Go With The Flow There Is No
Need For You To Hold His Hand
He’s Reaching Down Into The Part of Man
That’s Long Since Gone Since Shone So Stare And Stand

I Don’t Need These People In Front of Me
I Just Need The Rhythm To Set Me Free

Don’t Believe A Word They Say
I Don’t Believe A Word They Say

And As He Danced Came A Sneer From The Crowd
The Kind of Derision Only The Foolish Are Allowed
As They Could Not Understand How This Man Was Still Alive
The Swinger Was Dancing With The Beast In His Eyes
And It Rages On As It Plays His Song
And He Shattered Their Minds With His Turbulence
Deluded, Heroic, Pernicious, Enshrined
Berserking Expletives The Swinger Arrives

Soon, Too Soon Are We Where Eyes Lost Their Worth
So Dark It’s Hard To Tell The Lovers From The Cursed
Track Name: The Astronomer Pig
In Pools On The Ground
The Stars Are Deafening
They Transmit A Sound
That Seems To Beckon Him
It's Always The Same They Only Shine For Him
After The Rain After The Rain Come
Until Then They Hide
They Hide Inside His Curious Mind
Where They Sing Their Own Song Goes

Bewitched By The Lights
The Lights They Hypnotise
Mesmorise Symbolise Yes
They Symbolise Life
There Must Be More To His Life
There Must Be more Than This Trivialised Stigmatised
The Epitomised Bored

And On The Whim Of The Breeze
They Tease It Seems
They're Dancing For Him
Could They Be Dancing For Him?
Yet They Disperse At His Touch
Is He Too Much
Or Are They Laughing At Him
Maybe They're Laughing At Him

Rain Down For My Eyes
Rain Down For My Eyes

I Need The Rain To See The Lights
Give Me The Rain To See The Lights
I Need The Rain To Bring Me Lights
Bring Me The Rain To See The Lights
Track Name: Cornelius Itchybah
One More Thirsty Dawn Arrives
How Long Have We Been Gone This Time
I Remember Fire And Wine
I Remember Fire Got Out of Hand

Autonomous Man Awakes
Propreoception Vacates
I Say Far Too Much Sometimes
I Say Far Too Much Got Out of Hand

Down Down The Skies Are Falling
Out Of The Way
Get Out Of The Way

Round Around The Flies Are Swarming
Too Much To Say
Get Out Of The Way
Track Name: Otto The Magnificent
You Had Aged By Decades
When I Saw You The Next Day
At First I Didn’t Even Recognise You

It Was Only When You Spoke
Of Knowing Now As You Knew Then

That It... Clicked

I Thought That I Could Tell You
When I See You Again Yesterday
The Consequence Be Damned

I Could Never Be Far I could Never Be Fro
The Consequence Be Damned
Track Name: The Ballad Of Ben Ayre
I Drew A Picture
I Drew A Picture
I Drew A Picture And I’m Sending It To You
The Dog That Bit You
The Dog That Bit You
The Dog That Bit You And You’re Chopping It In Two

I Wrote A Sonnet
I Wrote A Sonnet
I Wrote A Sonnet Telling Of My Love For You
You Didn’t Want It
You Said You Didn’t Want It
What Do You Mean You Didn’t Want It
What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?

I Made A Potion
A Magic Potion
A Secret Potion From An Ancient Voodoo Tribe
A Piece of Your Hair
And The Clothes That You Wear
But Still You Didn’t Love Me So You’re Gonna Have To Die

I Chop Off Your Head
Track Name: The Last Glass Eye-Maker
The Way You View Me
You Look Right Through Me
I thought You Knew Me
Made to Define Me
Somehow Refine Me
Even Desire Me

It Took Me So Long
To Carve You Out From
The Glass You Came From
Others May See Wrong
How Could This Be Wrong
To Me You Belong

I Watch You Watch Them
Wish You Were Of Them
Like I Was Nothing
Did I Not Make You
I Not Create You
Gave Life Unto You

I Don’t Want To Share With This World
Cause They’re All Bastards

Just One Incision
To Place you Within Me
I’ll See What You see

At Once it’s Blinding
The Darkness Binds In Me
As One We Will Be

I Will Not Share You With This World
Cause Fuck You Backwards

It's All For You
The Gleam In My Eye
Track Name: The Mirrored Staircase
Take Heed Of This Place
It’s Taken Me
This Restless Embrace
Won’t Let Me Be

Time Waits For No Man
A Pious Deceit
I Ran Through My Time
It’s Taken Me

Take Heed Of This Place
It’s Taken Me

Time Waits For No Man Alive
Rampant We Stamp On Our Time

I’m Getting Sick Of This
Verciferous Fraccas
Making Wild Love
Making Wild Love
Til It Falls Off

You Lie You Lie
You Stay Away
From My Mind
Time Waits For No Man
All Lies

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